We're looking for a few people to join our team. These will be free lance, project-based positions. It's crucial that you be unabashedly self-motivating and self-starting.

Front-End Web Developer
You are fluent in XHTML/CSS/JavaScript and have experience with CMS implementation and integration of front-end technology with back-end systems. Working knowledge of AJAX, XML, JSP, ASP, PHP, basic Flash and Action Script a big plus.

Web Designer
5+ years experience in web graphic design and knowledge of the Adobe/Macromedia tools. You possess a wonderful sense of color and line, and you 'get' composition and layout.

You work comfortably within the tight constraints of corporate branding, but really hit your stride when the creative constraints are pulled back. You need to be a team player because we often collaborate in groups of 2 or 3 individuals when exploring at concept level – with each member pitching in his or her best efforts.

You're able to build-out your design in Adobe Dreamweaver (or be a good hand coder). While page coding may not always be a designer's forte, BatKid is a small team and each person needs to be able to wear more than one hat, so you'll need a good basic knowledge of HTML, XHTML, and CSS.

Flash/motion graphics experience is a strong plus.

Flash Designer
Experience building Flash sites as well as 'grabby' ads, banners, and demos. Solid knowledge of Action Script. Experience with Flash video and streaming media a plus.

 At least 5 years experience in the trenches, please.

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